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Walker Safe is Stablesoft’s robust and seamless rubber horse walker flooring system

Walker Safe Explained…

Unlike rubber horse pavers, Walker Safe is our fully sealed one-piece walker flooring system which can be replenished at fraction of initial installation costs.

Walker Safe won’t require expensive levelling of your concrete prior to install (even if cracked damaged or uneven). This superb solution to rubber horse pavers consists of a 30mm shock pad which is then coated/protected with our hybrid membrane sealer, assuring your walker will be anti-slip, easy to clean and comfortable for many years.

Standard features of
Walker Safe…

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Anti-slip Surface

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Reasons to choose Walker Safe:

  • One piece, fully sealed, anti-slip system

  • The cushioning layer protects horse’s joints,
    tendons and shoes

  • Easy to clean

  • Can be replenished at a fraction of initial costs

  • The best horse walker flooring available

See what the professionals have
to say…

“The best walker flooring on the market today”

Steven Whiteker

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