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Stable-Turf is Stablesoft’s money saving alternative to conventional stable matting

Safety, hygiene and comfort in one ultimate solution

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Stable-Turf Explained…

Stable-Turf combines every feature you would ever want from horse stable mats into one ultimate solution.

  • The Stable-Turf wet-pour process fits to any shape or level and unlike conventional stable matting is fully sealed with no seams or joins.

  • The Anti-slip three-layered system with in-built shock pad and durable protective coating cushions your horses joints, increases safety and provides improved comfort when resting.

  • Stable-Turf is bonded to the floor and sealed from wall-to-wall. This feature makes this horse stable matting alternative more hygienic and easier to clean than ever before, with mucking out times reduced by up to 40%.

  • The savings in bedding, labour and waste costs can be dramatic compared to using standard stable mats, meaning your Stable-turf flooring could pay for itself in under 24 months.

Standard features of

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Anti-slip Surface

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10 Reasons to choose Stable-Turf:

1) A durable, fully sealed & bonded surface

2) A hygenic, easy to clean solution, with no seams or joins

3) A comfortable, fully cushioned finish, replicating natural pastures

4) Fits to any shape or level stable

5) Provides better resting patterns for your horses

6) Longer lasting than traditional stable mats

7) Requires up to 40% less bedding

8) Cut mucking out time by up to 40%

9) Can be installed with drainage falls

10) Provides a safer, anti-slip surface

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PLEASE NOTE: There is a minimum purchase order of 4, 12ft x 12ft Stables

See what the professionals have
to say…

“I have been using Stable-Turf for 8 years now and I’m yet to see another flooring product that matches the comfort and protection it provides my horses. It’s in a league of it’s own”

Lucy Wiegersma
Event Rider

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Due to Pandemic Effects on raw material supplies we cannot offer our services to the general public.
If you’re an existing commercial customer please contact us through our usual email/phone channels.